Mooresville Salon is Victim to Online Theft

In June of 2013, a Mooresville Hair Salon client of ours was the victim of online theft; their brand/logo was stolen and used by a competitor only 45 miles away from their salon location in Mooresville, NC.

As the situation unfolded, the culprit was also the victim, as they hired someone to help them create their online presence, that person stole the Mooresville Salon’s logo.  The so-called graphical artist only made a minor addition to the background of the logo; she added some text above the graphic and proceeded to offer it to the other salon as an original logo.

The replicate brand has been removed from the Internet, but the physical signage remains intact and litigation may be in the near future.

It’s easy to see both sides of this issue, but I remain steadfast that the creator of the replicated logo is at fault and should be held accountable, and required to replace all digital and physical marketing materials for the salon in question.

Online piracy is a crime. Using the Internet to promote a business is a good thing, but stealing another business’s logo and selling it as an original piece of art is a crime!  The images on websites and Google are not for everyone’s use as they see fit, far from it.  All graphics you see online belong to the website owner, there are websites that offer free graphics, called royalty free, but often times the artists require some type of recognition.

Don’t become a victim to online Piracy!


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