Creative Playscapes: Fitness Structures



It seems like every time you flip on the television there is a new fitness routine being promoted by some muscular man who just needs 30 minutes of your time. Well, what about those of us with kids that spend too much time indoors? I dare say that getting a kid to exorcise with the help of a DVD is near impossible. Here is a fact you may not know, with as little as 15 minutes of direct sunlight your body will produce all the vitamin D needed for the day. In addition to that, there is just something about fresh air, beautiful sceneries, and birds chirping that make the outdoors a place of pure bliss. For many parents visiting the park can be a much needed break, but knowing that your child is staying healthy by exercising and having fun makes it an unbeatable opportunity! Creative Playscapes LLC is a company that utilizing the physical and psychological benefits of working out, outside. They build both residential and commercial playground fitness equipment for youth of all ages. So next time the sun is out, pack up the kids and head to your local Creative Playscapes outdoor Fitness unit. But be sure to bring sunscreen, you might find the kids don’t want to leave!


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