Creative Playscapes: Fitness Structures

  It seems like every time you flip on the television there is a new fitness routine being promoted by some muscular man who just needs 30 minutes of your time. Well, what about those of us with kids that spend too much time indoors? I dare say that getting a kid to exorcise with […]

Salisbury Outdoor Kitchen Installation

Take your outdoor entertaining to the next level with a fully equipped custom designed outdoor kitchen. The selection of features to choose from includes built in grills, refrigerators, sinks, built in bars, and much more! Fully personalize your outdoor kitchen with stone, granite, tile or any other materials that best fits your personal style. From […]

Mooresville Salon is Victim to Online Theft

In June of 2013, a Mooresville Hair Salon client of ours was the victim of online theft; their brand/logo was stolen and used by a competitor only 45 miles away from their salon location in Mooresville, NC. As the situation unfolded, the culprit was also the victim, as they hired someone to help them create […]

What you need to know about Logo Design

Logos are everywhere from business cards and signs to clothing and vehicles. A logo/brand gives your business or product an identity. Your customers will remember your company not just because of what you do but how you represent it.   What’s a Vector? Vector graphics (also known as paths or strokes) is based on mathematical […]

What Is Responsive?

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a newer viewing experience for websites. With this method of design you are able to view the website on most forms of media types from large screens to mobile without horizontal scrolling or zooming in and out. This design technique surfaced in the design world by Ethan Marcotte who coined […]